Cathy Emms

Cathy Emms is a practitioner of Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine.

After 4 years of study through the Thames Valley University (Plaskett) she graduated with Diplomas in Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine.

Cathy has run her own nutritional practise for over 10 years helping numerous patients with a wide range of ailment and conditions.


Cathy’s specialities include:

Weight management, skin health, stress management, metabolic syndrome, detoxification, digestive disorders, food intolerance / allergies, inflammatory diseases, chronic fatigue, cancer, sports nutrition, kids health, rheumatic and related diseases, womens health – menopause, fertility & pregnancy,


Cathy’s expertise and experience in clinical practise has been greatly complemented through her participation with the Institute of Functional Medicine for the past 5 years. Through studies, courses and interaction with functional medicine doctors Cathy has aligned her practise with leading edge nutritional protocols and practices such as AFMCP (Applying functional medicine in clinical practise).


Disclaimer  :  Results and patient experience may vary from person to person.